I did a giveaway for my 1000th post, and I created a graphic for that post so people could pin the giveaway, which hopefully would solicit more traffic.

I typically create a smaller version of the "hero" post graphic for the feature graphic so the featured graphic doesn't crop funny on my homepage.

This has been the most re-pinned image on my Pinterest.

Sweet Tunes Thursday is a recurring feature on my blog, so I created a graphic so readers could easily identify posts for the feature.

Occasionally I will do a custom graphic for Sweet Tunes Thursday if the artist I am featuring has interesting photographs or album art.

Flashback Friday is another ecurring feature on life + running, so I created a geeky supporting graphic for readers to quickly identify feature posts.

These graphics were from a series of posts on ethics and best practices in graphic design.

A good portion of my blog posts are health and fitness related. The following graphics are examples of images I created for this type of post.

Sometimes I blog about finances, so I created this graphic to help readers identify finance posts.

Often I find quotes or mantras that I want to talk about on my blog, but there is either no graphic to go with the language, or the existing graphic is not very well done. These are images I've created for quotes.

Bloggers typically end their posts with a signature, so I created a graphic to sign my posts.